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About Us

General information


The BEF is run by a Board of Directors, led by Celeste Foster, Executive Chairman.  The Board comprises of entrepreneurs and professionals from the wider business community.


The activities of the BEF are organized around 5 Pillars led by Pillar or Project Champions. The Project Champions have responsibility for developing and executing projects in relation to the goals of each Pillar. The Pillars and their Project Champions are listed below:


Access to Finance – Pillar Champion: David Simpson
Business Facilitation – Pillar Champion: Melanie Jones
Business Mentorship & Networking – Pillar Champions: Susan Branker-Greene & Ryan Forde
Government Policy – Pillar Champion: Dr. Jeannine Comma
Education and Talent Development – Pillar Champions: Celeste Foster & Dr Jeannine Comma



Each Pillar has recruited a group of volunteers who work with the Project Champions to develop goals, objectives and a work plan. The activities of each Pillar are planned and carried out by the Pillar members with the assistance of the Programme Manager.


The Project Champions and the Chairman of the Board belong to a smaller Management Committee which meets from time to time to report on activities and to advise the Chairman of the Board.

Some of Our Projects...

The $20 Challenge


In 2011, the $20 Challenge programme was launched as an annual competition to help build a culture of entrepreneurship amongst students in secondary and tertiary institutions across Barbados. The programme allows students to experience building a business before they enter the world of work.

The Agriculture Entrepreneurship Programme

The BEF Agriculture Entrepreneurship Programme for schools, started in 2016, is aimed at developing entrepreneurial skills in youth already involved agriculture. Successful participants obtain the Occupational Standard for Agricultural Entrepreneurship Level 1 (NVQ).



The 'Let's Talk Virtually' Series

The 'Let's Talk Virtually' Series had its first online webinar in April, 2020...