'Let's Talk Virtually: From Idea to Success' webinar series

Webinar #1: Stepping Out As An Entrepreneur

First up in our Let’s Talk Virtually: From Idea to Success webinar series is “Stepping Out As An Entrepreneur” with Dr. Jeannine Comma as Moderator, joined by entrepreneurial panellists Cherita O’Dell and Rohan Ford.

Webinar #2: Examining Your Idea


Join us with Moderator Christian Paul and panellists Zhane Padmore, Caroline Reid and Rachel Mayers for "Examining Your Idea”, the 2nd in the BEF webinar series 'Let’s Talk Virtually': From Idea to Success.

Webinar #3: Financing Your Idea

The next stage in building your entrepreneurial idea is Financing Your Idea. This topic takes main stage on our 3rd webinar in the series. Join moderator David Simpson with panellists Omar Watson & Dario Greenidge.


Webinar #4: Formalising Your Idea

Now that we have had the financial discussion, it is time to Formalise Your Idea. Join Moderator Sade Jemmott and panellists Melanie Jones, Brittany Brathwaite & Selwyn Cambridge.


Webinar #5: Marketing Your Idea

Now we must take our Great Idea to Market. Join as we discuss Marketing Your Idea during our webinar series, Let’s Talk Virtually: From Idea to Success. Join Moderator Ryan Forde and panellists Alex Jordan, Marita Marshall and Toni Thorne.



Webinar #6: Growing & Sustaining Your Idea in a Post Covid-19 Environment

Join us for the final webinar in the series on 'Growing and Sustaining Your Idea In A Post Covid-19 Environment' to wrap up our Let's Talk Virtually webinar series. Join Moderator Dr. Jeannine Comma and panellists Melinda Belle, Omar Kennedy and Kyle Smith.


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